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Rental Fleet Specs & Prices

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N# Weight & Balance Aircraft Type


Calculate Cessna Skycatcher


Calculate Cessna 152

N51890 N55169 N9616L

Calculate Cessna 172


Calculate Cessna 172R w/MFD


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  Cessna 182

Prices subject to change without notice.

Flight Insurance 

$2.50 per flight hour is added to all rentals and provides student or renter with $1 million ($100,000 per seat) Liability Insurance and Full Hull Insurance with Zero Deductible.

MIAS deductible is $10,000.  To be covered by above insurance, all FAA and MIAS rules and policies must be followed.

172R’s Weight & Balance

We want to caution every pilot who flies the R model (and SP) Skyhawks, especially those who learned in an older 172, that with more than two people on board, you could have a weight and balance issue.

Please check your weights carefully and advise dispatch at the time of scheduling if you suspect that fuel weight may be a factor.  Aircraft are routinely topped at night.  We need to know a few days ahead if we have to keep the fuel low on a particular aircraft for your flight – all planes do not fly every day, so if you let us know on Tuesday that you need half tanks for a Wednesday flight, the plane may have been topped on Sunday and not flown since then.

We have a weight and balance program loaded on our website for most of our aircraft for your convenience and safety. Please feel free to do your computations there.  The following is for your information only – a complete weight and balance should be done prior to any flight where payload may become a safety consideration.

Plane Basic Empty Weight Usable Fuel (lbs) Max Ramp Weight Max Payload
N2119E 1697 318 2457 442
N2438S 1650 318 2457 489
N3544G 1680 318 2457 459
N9767F 1639  318 2457 500

Defueling is a very timely process, one we wish to avoid if possible, so please plan ahead. 
There will be a charge to the renter if an aircraft requires defueling.

There will be no reimbursement for fuel purchased away from base if aircraft is returned at a level higher than it was at dispatch.

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Rev:  09/01/2017