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What I have learned about the Extra 500 Jet Prop

June 26, 2010


I recently flew to Dayton Ohio to meet with Cirrus owners who have expressed a high level of interest in the new Extra 500 Jet Prop. I do not fly Turbo props so the trip was also a fact finding mission for me. I hoped to learn more about turbo props in general so I could better represent the Extra 500 Jet Prop.

Here is what I learned.

The Extra 500 is an amazing aircraft as compared to the competition and here is why:

  1. The Extra 500 can fly five people a distance of 966 miles in 4 hours with 45 minutes of
    IFR fuel reserves. The nearest competitor cannot fly more than 920 miles even with only
    two people on board.
  2. The Extra can do the trip at 14,000 feet to minimize headwinds or 25,000 feet to maximize tailwinds and burn only 20 gph vs over 40 gph for the competition.
  3. The closest competitor costs $500,000 more and carries almost 500 pounds less and has a smaller cabin.
  4. The Extra 500 can stay below flight level 180 and retain 20 gph fuel flows enabling VFR flights that arrive before other turbo props that must file IFR.
  5. The Extra 500 pilots can receive annual flight training right at home.
  6. The very powerful air conditioner works great on a 90 degree day.
  7. The Extra 500 is constructed with carbon fiber making it very light and very strong and when combined with the 3500 TBO 207 pound Rolls Royce Allison turbine it weighs only 3100 lbs, 700 pound less than the nearest competitor. This allows departures from 1400 foot grass strips and rapid climb rates.
  8. The Rolls Royce 450hp Allison turbine engine routinely runs over 50,000 hours when used on
    the Alaskan pipeline operation It is extremely reliable and used in many aircraft and turbine helicopters including the Bell Jet Ranger.

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