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New York Jet is proud to announce that we are the NorthEast Dealer for the Extra 500. Interested in moving up to a turboprop? Shares available. Not a pilot? We can provide pilot services so your executives can attend meetings and be back in the office the same day – no more lost productivity or overnight stays.

"The affordable Jet Prop"

Light weight carbon fiber aircraft and light weight Rolls Royce engine


Light weight carbon fiber aircraft and light weight Rolls Royce engine The Extra 500 Jet Prop can fly five people a distance of 1000 miles in 4.2 hours with 45 minutes of IFR fuel reserves. The nearest competitive plane with 5 on board can fly for only about one hour with IFR reserves and travel a distance of less than 300 miles.

With full fuel the Extra 500 can remain aloft for 8 hours allowing flights of over 1600 miles with three on board. With full fuel the competition has about 4 hours of endurance allowing flights of 900 miles with reserves and payload that will allow for only two people.

The Extra 500 Jet Prop is longer, wider, taller, and lighter than the competition. The larger cabin when combined with the powerful air conditioner makes the Extra 500 more comfortable for the passengers.


What I have learned about the Extra 500 Jet Prop. By Louis Mancuso >>


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