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Our GOLD CLUB (GFC) offers a reduction of $14.00 per hour. * The GFC was designed for the renter pilot who flies often and makes numerous day or multiple day flights. Many of our student pilots take advantage of the hourly savings in this club. Our Saturday and Sunday morning, 20% rental special, is the only special offered to student pilots and only if they belong to the GFC. Our flight hour minimums for single or multi day trips are greatly reduced for our GFC members.

Returning from overseas active duty? The Mid Island Family appreciates your dedication and service in the US military. As a small token of our appreciation for your sacrifice, we are happy to offer a complimentary, one year membership in our Annual Flying Club. Please contact management for details.

MONTHLY CLUB BUDGET PLAN: In 2013 we introduced an option to pay your club dues monthly. Regardless of the year of membership, you will be charged $45/mo plus tax for GFC. There is a $25 one-time enrollment fee. When you choose this option, you are committed to a contract for one year. Payment is required for twelve consecutive months regardless of the number of flights you take each month.

All club members save ten percent (10%) on most pilot supplies.

* Sport Aircraft (LSA's) 6/hr discount on GFC.

Monthly Club Budget Plan Contract

If you prefer to pay your club dues monthly, our budget plan is for you. You receive all the same benefits of the Gold Club ($14/hr flight discount), without paying the membership fee up front. You do have to commit to a full year contract.

Download Budget Plan Contract Form >>




3 hours per day.

16 hours per week.

4 hours per day.


Single day - 2 hours per day.
Multiple days - 2 hours per day.

10 hours per week.

Single day - 2 hours per day.
Multiple days - 3 hours per day.


First Membership Fee Plus tax $520.00
Second Renewal Fee Plus Tax $500.00
Third Renewal Fee Plus Tax $480.00
Fourth Renewal Fee Plus Tax $460.00
Fifth & on Renewal Fee Plus Tax $440.00


Minimum hours not actually flown will be billed at the dry rate.  A completed rental agreement must be signed prior to each rental when the aircraft is flying off Long Island.  On rentals where fuel is purchased away from MIAS, fuel will be paid for by the renter pilot, including topping the tanks upon return.  For all local flights, the dry rate plus the hourly fuel rate will apply. Remember, these clubs are successful because many pilots share the cost of each aircraft.

Aviation enthusiasts both students and renters alike, will enjoy becoming a member of our Mid Island Pilot Club. The club meets at ISP the third Monday of every month at 1930.  Trips are planned and guest speakers are often part of the monthly meeting.

Rev. 05/29/2015