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FAA Minimum Requirements

Welcome to Mid Island Air Service. The following is a flight training cost estimate based on the FAA MINIMUM required flight hours, however, most students will require additional flight hours. The frequency of your flight training will determine your cost; the more you fly the quicker you'll learn – the less you will spend.

Sport Pilot Certificate: Evector Sportstar
20hrs in Aircraft  $1,990
Which includes: 15hrs Dual $900
Total  $2,890


Private Pilot Certificate Cessna 172R Cessna 172N Cessna 152

40hrs in Aircraft 

$6,345 $5,830 $4,957

Which includes: 20hrs Dual

$1,200 $1,200 $1,200
Total $7,545 $7,030 $6,157


Instrument Rating Cessna 172R Cessna 172N
40hrs in Aircraft   $6,345 $5,830
Which includes: 40hrs Dual $2,400  $2,400
Total $8,745   $8,230


Commercial Rating: Cessna 172R Cessna 172N
20hrs in Aircraft  $3,173 $2,915
Which includes: 10hrs $1,975   $1,975  
Which includes: 20hrs Dual $1,800 $1,800
Total $6,948   $6,690


Please note:
If you fly 3-4 times per week and repeat each lesson on a simulator, it may be possible to complete the required courses within the FAA's minimum requirements. Above aircraft rates include fuel (due to fluctuating fuel prices, aircraft rates are subject to change without notice).

$2.50 per flight hour is added to all rentals and provides the renter with one hundred thousand dollars liability insurance and full hull insurance with zero deductible.

*  Prior to the Commercial Flight Test, you must have logged a total of 250 flight hours including 50 hrs PIC cross-country.


Rev. 11/2014