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Flight Training Partners

Eastern Suffolk BOCES:

Mid Island Air Service has been providing flight training for Eastern Suffolk BOCES since 1989.  This pre-professional flight training program is a two year program available for high school juniors and seniors in the Eastern Suffolk Boces group.  In their junior year, students have the opportunity to log approximately four flight hours as well as gain an additional eight hours experience on observation flights.  During the school year, their classroom lessons at the Boces facility at Brookhaven Airport, prepare them to pass the FAA knowledge exam.   In the senior year, the students fly in a Cessna 152, one on one, with an assigned flight instructor, according to the practical test standards for the Private Pilot Certificate.  Their classroom instruction covers all aspects of their flight training including maneuvers, fundamentals of flight, weather and FAA regulations.  Many students complete their Private Certificate during this two year program.

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Website: www.esboces.org



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Boces Flight Training on News 12

News 12 interviews Mid Island Flight Instructor, Fred Rodgers and BOCES student, Wilfred Torres.
- News 12 Long Island, Film Clip: November 16, 2015


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