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Forms and Policies - Students

Flight School Application

Upon enrolling in our school, a Flight School Application will be completed and filed.  Proof of US citizenship must be presented prior to beginning flight training.  This may be an original birth certificate or US passport.

Download Flight School Application Form >>

Pre-Pay & Save 

If you wish to pre-pay for your rentals or training, you may open an account with a minimum balance of $2000 (cash or check).  Mid Island will give you a 5% pre-payment discount.  A signed agreement must be on file along with a valid, signed credit card voucher for this program.

Download Pre-Pay & Save Form >>

Navigation Log & Flight Plan Form

A Navigation Log makes it easy for students to plan their cross country flights, log the weather and file their ATC flight plans.

Download Navigation Log & Flight Plan Form >>

Radio Communications

Learn the Phonetic Alphabet used by ATC and pilots worldwide. 

Download Radio Communications Form >>

Student Renter Agreement

A signed agreement must be on file for all rentals.  We ask that you fill out a “blanket” agreement annually and a new agreement upon completion of your Private Pilot Certificate.

Download Student Renter Agreement Form >>

Student Pilot Rules 

In the interest of safety, Mid Island has compiled a list of rules that we ask all students to follow.  MIAS Liability and Hull Insurance protection will be voided if any student fails to comply with all FAA, local and MIAS rules.

Download Student Pilot Rules Form >>

Preflight Risk Assessment

To insure your safety as required by FAR 91.103, we request that you complete a Weight and Balance prior to every flight.  In addition, to insure that you are ‘up to’ the flight, we recommend that  students and pilots complete a Preflight Risk Assessment prior to EVERY flight. 

Download Preflight Risk Assessment Form>>

Monthly Club Budget Plan Contract

If you prefer to pay your club dues monthly, our budget plan is for you. You receive all the same benefits of the Gold Club ($14/hr flight discount), without paying the membership fee up front. You do have to commit to a full year contract.

Download Budget Plan Contract Form >>


Rev. 05/26/2015