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We've talked about a GROUP where you could find a partner-pilot for a day's adventure - or a morning - or an evening - or maybe just to keep your currency active - or find a new restaurant. What a great way to cut your costs, meet a new friend and pilot, visit new places, stay current, and just have a great day of flying.

Any two pilots from the Group [each must be a member] can schedule a flight and receive a 10% dry rate discount any day.


  • Each pilot will be charged based on their MIAS billing rate
  • When the invoicing is done, MIAS will deduct 10% and each pilot will be charged for
    ½ the flight hobbs time. 
  • Also, KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN in the lobby, on the bulletin board, and on our web site for special trips. This partnering discount cannot be combined
    with other specials - but whichever offers you the best discount will be honored.

We want to make flying FUN, so if you're Tired Of Navigating In Circles keep a lookout for monthly trips -
and seasonal TONICs!!!

Happy Flying,


Don Lawrence

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