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Aviation Scholarship 2015 recipient

Alexa Chiarappa

Alexa Chiarappa

Louis Mancuso, Sr. Scholarship Fund

Essay for the Louis Mancuso, Sr., Scholarship

It’s a beautiful sunny day! The wind is calm and the Cessna is ready to take off! Approaching the Dowling College building, I hear the instructors discussing the lesson that they will perform and the small discrepancies between maneuvers. After performing my weight and balance calculations, and my risk assessment form for the day, I open the doors to endeavor the greatest journey of my life!

Fuel on-check, mixture rich-check, carburetor heat on-check, seat belts, shoulder harnesses-check, passenger crew brief-check. All complete! Now we're ready for takeoff. As I taxi to Runway 24 I think about the many reasons why I love this industry. Each and everyday I wake up and know that today I will fly and better myself as a pilot and a human being which is the most fulfilling and satisfying feeling that I could ever imagine. I know that every challenge I face will prove me worthy to fly and will eventually make me become a more well-rounded and confident pilot.

Often I have been asked the question, “Why do you want to become a pilot?” Living next to Brookhaven Airport for most of my life has allowed my eyes to always be turned to the sky. I love the feeling of being as free as a bird to seek adventure and flying does that justice. Currently holding a student pilot certificate and over forty hours of flight time, I am getting ready to take my end of course examination which will determine me fit to become a private pilot! After this first step in my training, I will be attending Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University to study Aeronautical Science, and graduate as a commercial pilot. After, I would like to work as a charter pilot for a while and eventually be employed with a cargo shipping company.