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Aviation Scholarship 2013 recipient

Anthony Rizzo

Anthony Rizzo

Louis Mancuso, Sr. Scholarship Fund

Essay for the Louis Mancuso, Sr., Scholarship

My name is Anthony Rizzo I am a high school senior at Southold Jr Sr High School. I am currently working towards my Private Pilot's Certificate with the ESBOCES program at Suffolk Aviation Academy. Since I was a child, I have always wanted to fly. I would sit in the fort of the swing set and wait for the local sea planes to fly by. My long term aspiration is to become a commercial pilot for a major airline.

I have applied to several colleges and look forward to continuing to learn more about the field of aviation, the science behind it, and the actual flying. Learning to fly is a major aspiration of mine. I will work to become proficient in all things that are necessary to be successful in aviation. I plan to graduate with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Aeronautics with flight concentration. I also plan to achieve a minor in Air Traffic Control so that I have a "back up" career should I get grounded medically.

My father is a FDNY Firefighter in Marine 1 who received a medal for his participation in the Miracle on the Hudson River. I was impressed by Captain Sullenberger's ability to safely land the aircraft in the river. Captain Sullenberger has said that he believes his entire aviation career prepared him for those moments. That memorable and historic moment inspired me to pursue my dreams because it was a moment absent of tragedy and loss.

I realize that college is an investment in my future, but I am realistic with regards to the cost. In order to become a pilot there is a great investment up front, and many years of training before you are actually a Captain. As a student pilot there is an average of $15,000 in flight fees per year. I have no doubt that if I was chosen to receive the Louis Mancuso Sr. Scholarship this would greatly assist me in achieving a degree and pursuing my dreams. I know I have much more to learn and many decisions to make, and I believe this scholarship will assist me with pursuing a college education and enable me to graduate with less debt.