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Aviation Scholarship 2016 recipient

Tanner Asadorian

Tanner Asadorian

Louis Mancuso, Sr. Scholarship Fund

My desire to pursue a career in aviation has been an evolution of my appreciation for all forms of transportation. Growing up as a child, I was fascinated by trains and modeling train-sets. As I grew, my passion for trains was replaced with a more developed interest in aviation of all forms.

I was privileged to have had numerous opportunities to culture my passion in this expansive field. Through AeroCamp, I was able to view the airfield from atop the MacArthur Airport control tower and fly to Waterbury-Oxford Airport in a Cessna 172.

As an intern for MacArthur Airport administration, I sat in on engineering projects and took FOD walks just feet from 737s. Presently, as President of AeroChapter, I coordinate diverse, engaging, speakers from all corners of the aviation industry for our monthly meetings. These experiences have helped me gain another level of appreciation and wonder for the aviation industry which is unbeknownst to the public.

My involvement in these positions have influenced my decision to pursue a degree in Business with a concentration in Aviation Management. I will be attending The Ohio State University in the fall because they offer the intersect of all of my passions.

I will strive to make a career in management at a major carrier. The strength of the Fisher College of Business along with business-applied aviation courses are perfect for my career goals. I appreciate your consideration for this scholarship, and am grateful for the hard work of the Mid-Island Air Service for its perseverance in building programs to continue the advancement of aviation for youth.