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Aviation Scholarship 2013 recipient

Tyler Newitt

Tyler Newitt

Louis Mancuso, Sr. Scholarship Fund

Essay for the Louis Mancuso, Sr., Scholarship

Pursuing a career in aviation would be a dream come true for me. Aviation has always been a part of my life, as my dad, my grandpa, and my uncle are all pilots. I knew I was hooked from the moment my dad first took me up. Every time I went flying was a new adventure, going with my dad or grandpa to some new airport, getting a hundred dollar hamburger, and enjoying the view. In addition to just taking in the scenery and making short hops, I have gone on several cross-country trips with my family. We often fly out to Oshkosh for the big airshow, and once continued all the way to the west coast. But despite my immersion in flying growing up, I never would have thought that a career in aviation would be something anyone did, let alone something I could do.

My perception changed when my math teacher's brother visited my eighth grade class. He explained to us that he was an aerospace engineer and he worked for Grumman. He told us how he had worked on such projects as the Hawkeye and the Tomcat, and while most of my class appeared disinterested, I was enthralled. Here was an opportunity to put my love and knowledge of airplanes to use. Of course becoming an Aerospace Engineer isn't as simple as just loving airplanes. Fortunately I found as I went through high school that I not only had a love of airplanes, but also a love of math and science, particularly physics. It is with great excitement that I head off to college with the hopes of pursuing a career doing something I love.