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Tell us your story...How has aviation affected your life?

We love to hear stories about our pilot's love of aviation. Many lives have been positively changed through aviation exposure. How has becoming a pilot enriched your life? Do you commute to work by plane? Are you able to visit your grandchildren in Maryland for the day? Have you been able to bond with your child through a shared love of aviation? Did you meet your wife at a fly-in? Share your story - you may encourage someone to pursue flight training and change their lives forever.
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Aviation Stories

"Flying has affected my life in a way I did not expect. I’ve both owned and rented over the years and have flown the East Coast visiting friends as far south as FL. I also kept a car in VT for many years with frequent flying trips for R&R. I continue flying to new places, and recently started working on my IFR. Aside from the excitement and adventure flying offers, it opened up an avenue for my ultimate retirement job, working in aviation. I now have the chance to share my passion with others, whether taking my young nephew on his first flight, talking to customers about flight training, listening to students excited about their solo or cross-country flights, helping pilots who want a new rating, or that want to link up with others for a flight to Nantucket, a golf outing, a dinner flight, a TRACON visit, or maybe brunch on Lake George, . . .
Flying is truly an adventure
, and for those who have never experienced the thrill, it’s something you will not want to miss. Happy flying."

- Don Lawrence, Mid Island Flight School

"Flying has changed my life completely. Ever since I got my pilot license on Aug 25, 2009 it has been awesome. I'm the only one in my family who has one. Thanks to instructor, David Jensen. It was my grandfather's dream for me to take him up around Long Island. He was the one who inspired me to
fly. My future with this aviation gift is to go to ATC. Training with Mid Island Air for two years through the BOCES program has changed me as a person. I am more mature, responsible and have a future to pursue.
If you ever have the chance to fly, don't pass it up. There is no better school than Mid Island. They have the planes, the instructors and the knowledge to help you achieve your goals. It has only been a couple of years, but I know my future is going to be a good one. One day when the wind is right and the sun is shining, go flying! It's better than sitting in traffic on the LIE. Instead of driving to work in NYC, work all over the world and FLY. That's what we pilots do best."

- Vincent Ferrari