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Places to Visit

Allentown (ABE), PA

How does Allentown, PA (ABE) catch your fancy? Yep, we know the Billy Joel song too, about gritty Allentown and surmise you're not likely to get revved up about going there, but from a pilot's point of view, it does have its merits. For one, it exists - and you can fly to it! Which of course means its a good place! Got that?

Allentown is a bit shy of an hour and a half (C172) from ISP. Get your Class B clearance through New York and when you exit on the New Jersey side, you're just about ready for Allentown Approach. Allentown is a towered field, with a super friendly FBO.
If doing a bit of sight seeing is on your mind, Dorney Park is nearby if you're bringing the kids, the bucolic Pennsylvania Dutch country is just to the south and for those of you who just can't get enough of aviation, the Allied Airfore Museum is right in town.
From a pilot's perspective, Billy Joel might have to rethink that song.

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