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Places to Visit

Bedford (BED), MA

Here's a summer outing for those of you who fancy colonial history and still haven't forgiven the British for Bunker Hill.

A flight to Bedford (BED), Massachusetts is slightly less than two hours (C172) from ISP and places you in the cradle of the American Revolution. Taxi to the ramp, hail a cab, and in 10 minutes you're in the charming towns of Lexington and Concord. Visit the sight of the "shot heard round the world", stop by Louisa May Alcott's house, transcend at Walden Pond and have lunch at the Firehouse.
Perhaps this might sound a bit boring to a few of you - especially those of you who equate high school history with Dr. Kevorkian - but remember, you're a pilot, you need excuses to fly. Tell your friends this one is for the kids; helps them with their SAT's, Regents, etc. .

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