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Places to Visit

Beverly (BVY), MA

Beverly, MA (BVY) is a pleasant 1hr 40 minute (C172) flight just a tad north of Boston. The field is typical of the World War II genre that abounds in Eastern New England and welcomes you with three runways and a localizer approach.

The real plus of this jaunt if BVY's proximity to the Marblehead peninsula and Salem. Hail a cab and in 10 minutes you're downtown. Browse through shops, visit the House of Seven Gables and remember this is the spot where the Puritans burned their witches. True the Puritans were a dour lot, not taken with charity towards the confused, inept or fibbers, but the area exudes a colonial charm that turns the dunking stool and community immolation's into historical curiosities.
Anyway, truthful pilots have nothing to fear (you've always been truthful with ATC, right?) It's a splendid outing replete with great Americana.

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