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Places to Visit

Lebanon (LEB), NH

New England beckons, so we would like to suggest a 1 hr 45 minute (C172) flight to Lebanon (LEB), NH. LEB is straight up and on the Connecticut River, and replete with a tower and plenty of IFR approaches. The major interest here is not so much the town of Lebanon however, but Hanover, home to Dartmouth University and a mere 10 minute cab ride to the north.

Hanover is the classic New England college town, guaranteed to charm you with its 18th and 19th century architecture. As with most university towns, there are numerous, inexpensive eateries to choose from. If you're flying up to celebrate a special event, try the Dartmouth Inn. It's pricey, but one of the best restaurants in the region. After dinner shop the bookstores or purchase collegiate apparel at the Dartmouth Co-op. When its time to head home, you might just wish you were an undergratuate again.

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