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Places to Visit

Niagara Falls (IAG), NY

Niagara Falls (IAG) is a bit of a pull for a single pilot in a C172 in a day (about seven hours), but it's an easy haul for two buddy airmen, so we offer this suggestion to you with that thought in mind.

IAG is a tower controlled facility and as nearby Buffalo (BUF) gets most of the traffic it's generally rather quiet. Park at the FBO, step outside and a city bus will whisk you to the Rainbow Bridge. Cross the bridge and you're an international traveler. Niagara Falls, Ontario has a honky tonk strip as well as beautiful parks, so whatever your cultural inclination that day, the town should be able to meet it.
For dining there are literally a hundred options. From artery jamming fired chicken parlors to haute cuisine.
On arrival or departure, should you wish to do a 360 around the Falls by all means do so. However this is a popular, high traffic activity with essential rules to ensure safety. Pilots must use a pilot to pilot frequency while on an aerial tour. Study the appropriate charts and check with ATC for updates.
This would certainly be a great long weekend trip as there are so many things to do and see at the Falls.

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