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Places to Visit

Salisbury, MD

The Delmarva Penisula can be especially welcoming in winter. While not warm, its climate is greatly moderated by all the water around it (at times 10-15 degrees warmer thatn Suffolk County) and the crab and chowder houses that line the shore of the Chesapeake are only short of crowds. Heading for Delmarva (the name is a blending of Delaware, Maryland and Virginia) is an easy two hour flight from ISP (C172) to region's hub field Salisbury, the second busiest airport in the state. You can call a cab and simply head for downtown Salisbury for pleasant dining and shopping, or you can rent a car and head for Crisfield, arguably the crabbiest place on the whole peninsula some 20 minutes away.

Once in Crisfield you'll have a choice of several crab houses as well as buying straight off the dock. Also, Crisfield has a ferry to Smith Island, a pleasant option if the winds are calm for those with a full day. We should note that Crisfield does have its own field but the runway options are 2500 paved or 3500 turf, neither one satisfies Mid Island's rental rules, so we suggest the short drive from Salisbury.

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