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             Mid Island and the FAA Safety Team Pilot Proficiency Program [WINGS]

Happily, over the years, our seminar attendance has surpassed our expectations and continues to grow.  The following sponsors are recognized as a part of the Mid Island aviation safety culture.  Thanks John Nelson - Doorologist, Danny Harmer - Advanced Epoxy Flooring, David Windmiller - Vxperts Aviation and Sean Martens - Bayport Aerodrome.




John Nelson – owner of Doorologist Inc, services, maintains & installs all types of doors & hardware, entrance to exit, and everything inbetween in the tri state area. They install security lock down hardware for schools & Card access systems, provide door maintenance for many businesses, nursing homes & hotels, as well as adjustments or realignments to maintain door and hardware efficiency. Contact them at 631.470.5930, john.nelson@doorologist.com, or their website www.doorologist.com.

John has over 800 hrs logged and enjoys getting checked out in many different types of airplanes and helicopters. He is instrument rated and currently flying a Mooney & Skyhawk SP G-1000.

Danny Harmer, President of Advanced Epoxy Flooring, services range from heavy duty, electrostatic dissipative, chemical resistant, synthetic, flexible, pigmented, non-skid, self-leveling Commercial and Industrial flooring, to more common residential, sports, and recreational flooring needs. Contact them at 631.567.9269, danny@advancedepoxyflooring.com, or their website www.advancedepoxyflooring.com.

Danny loves to fly with his friends, whether to dinner or recreation. He has a private license and currently flies Skyhawks and right seat in a variety of other planes.

David Windmiller, President and Chief Pilot of Vxperts Aviation, teaches Upset Prevention & Recovery Training [UPRT] in state of the art aircraft and programs. Vxperts takes no shortcuts when it comes to properly training and certifying pilots to handle situations and perform maneuvers that save lives. Contact them at 844.489.7378, info@vxperts.net , or their website www.vxperts.net.

David is a former U.S. National Aerobatics Team and current airshow pilot, CFI, land/sea, ME, rotocraft, glider, turboprop, and jet with over 18T hours. He performs and teaches in his Zivko Edge 540 and Extra 300, really cool planes.

Sean Martens, sponsor of the Bayport Aerodrome, Long Island's only remaining grass airfield. The Aerodrome is home to both the Bayport Aerodrome Society and the Antique Airplane Club of Greater New York. The Society was formed in 1972 as a living museum. There are a wide variety of antique aircraft flying on the field. These include Bi-Planes, Champs, Cubs and others. By offering tours of the Aerodrome, our society members share their passion for aviation with the public. The Antique Airplane Club of Greater New York was formed in 1961 by a group of folks interested in preserving and perpetuating aviation as it was during it's “Golden Age" in the 1930’s. Aerodrome memberships are composed of aviation professionals, recreational pilots, and people interested in preserving aviation history. Anyone can join and volunteer to assist in projects and events at the Aerodrome.

Sean is also President of SMPL Technologies and Raptor AeroSports, which have sponsored our seminars in the past. He is an instrument rated and aerobatic pilot and flies a gorgeous Extra 300.


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