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Aircraft Parking Rates

  Day or Night
Ramp Fee

Single Engine Aircraft (Minimum Fuel: 10 gal)

Cessna 152 though 210
Beech Skipper through Bonanza
Piper Cherokee through Saratoga



Piper Malibu or Turbine Bonanza (Minimum Fuel: 20 gal)



Light Multi Engine Aircraft (Minimum Fuel: 30 gal)

Piper Seminole
Piper Seneca
Cessna 310
Beech Baron
Piper Aztec
Twin Comanche
Cessna 340
Cessna Skymaster



Cabin Class Aircraft (Minimum Fuel: 40 gal)

Cessna 400 Series
Beech Queen Air
Piper Navajo



Turbo Prop Aircraft

MU-2, Pilatus PC-12
Piper Cheyenne I-III
Conquest, Caravan
King Air 90-350
TBM 700



Light Jets*

Citation Jet (CJ1,2,3)
Beech Jet
Lear 24, 25, 31, 35
Sabreliner 40-80
Citation I/II/V Encore/Bravo



Mid Size Jets*

Hawker 125-1000
Lear 45, 55, 60
Astra Jet
Citation III, VII, X/
Excel (650, 750, 56X)



Heavy Jets*

Gulfstream (all)
Challenger (all)
Fairchild Metroliner
Falcon Jets (all)
Lockheed Jetstar




Daytime Parking Fees charged without minimum Avgas purchase or Top Off.

  1. First night waived with minimum Avgas purchase or Top Off
  2. Hangar rate applies for 3-4 hour de-ice of aircraft
  3. Overnight hangar, when available, not waived with fuel purchase
Revised:  10/30/2013