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Experience the thrill of flight with an introductory flying lesson for just $150
It’s the perfect gift for someone with an adventurous spirit.

  • You’ll be accompanied by a highly-trained, FAA certified instructor
  • Fly in one of our new, light sport aircraft
  • Any questions, call Lou Mancuso at 516-658-1847.

Act now, the sky is calling!

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czech sport aircraft 
Eaglet with AvMAP PANEL
Extra 500 Jet Prop




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The FAA has introduced a new pilot rating and a whole new class of airplanes.
Learning to fly now costs half as much, takes half as long, and is twice the fun!

Mid Island is happy to offer instruction in the newest category of FAA-sanctioned flying. Our new aircraft, the Sport Cruiser is an all metal low wing light sport aircraft. While extremely easy to land, it combines state of the art avionics with low fuel burn and 120 miles per hour cruise. With our staff of highly qualified FAA certified flight instructors and a carefully designed instructional syllabus, you can truly “Fly-for-Fun" in the Sport Cruiser at Brookhaven Airport.

FAA requirements for both aircraft and pilot are different for Light Sport Aviation than for the existing Private Pilot Certificate. The goal is to keep the aircraft simple and safe, and to reduce time needed for pilots to master the necessary skills. In addition, an FAA flight medical is not required for the Sport Certificate.
A Special Light Sport Aircraft is factory-built to exacting safety standards. As with other training aircraft, it is subject to periodic safety-oriented inspections by an FAA-licensed mechanic. The maximum takeoff weight is limited to 1320 lbs, and it may not carry more than 2 people. The maximum cruising speed is limited to 130 knots (138 MPH), and the minimum stall speed must be less than 45 knots.

With a Light Sport Aircraft Certificate, you are limited to Daytime VFR (Visual Flight Rules). Flight above 10,000 feet is not permitted, and there are certain limitations about operations from large, busy airports. These restrictions mean that FAA-mandated minimum instructional time is reduced from 40 hours to 20 hours before taking the flight test for a Light Sport Pilot Certificate. As with any flight training, both you and the instructor will feel comfortable about your skill and judgment before solo flight is permitted.

Our fifth Tecnam Eaglet has arrived and has been met with unrivaled excitement. Come to Brookhaven and checkout both the Eaglet and Sport Cruiser. We are currently selling quarter shares in a Sport Cruiser. For just a few hundred dollars a month, YOU can own your own 138 mile per hour airplane. View our LSA Rate Sheet for more information on the costs associated with renting and learning to fly Light Sport Aircraft at Mid Island.

Visit us to demo a new Tecnam P92 Eaglet, P2002 Sierra, P2004 Bravo, Sport cruiser or our new Remos GX.

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