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What’s New at Mid Island Flying School?

MIAS partners with PALS

Fly a mission for Patient AirLift Services and get reimbursed for fuel.

Based at Farmingdale, PALS is the first patient service to offer fuel reimbursement to qualified pilots.

If you meet the flight requirements AND take the PALS training course, you may be eligible for reimbursement.

Check out our latest news section on the home page to see the dates of the next scheduled training course. See www.palservices.org for information on their reimbursement policies.

Reserve a seat and start getting reimbursed for your flights!


Congratulations, Scholarship Winners!

The Louis Mancuso, Sr. Scholarship Fund recently awarded two, $1000 aviation scholarships.

Congratulations are in order for:

Anthony Rizzo and Tyler Newitt.   Both will be attending Embry Riddle in FL.

We wish them well in their aviation pursuits. Their scholarships were presented at a scholarship brunch at MIAS on May 18th


TOWN of ISP has implemented landing fees

Fees will be based on Max Take-off weight as follows:

0-5000 pounds………$10

5001-12,500 pounds….$18

Over 12,500 pounds….$1.44 per 1000 pounds

Fees will be increased 50% for landings between 2200-0630!


Airline Pilot Shortage

This is a great time to begin training for a career in aviation

The airline industry is predicting that we are entering the biggest surge in pilot hiring in history!

In the next decade, the industry may be hiring approximately 20,000 commercial pilots a year as senior pilots face mandatory retirement.

If you know someone who would love to fly professionally, or if that someone is you, now is the time to learn to fly.


June 2013