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On the second Saturday of each month, our students and renters meet at ISP to participate in our free seminars.




WHEN: 2nd Saturday of each month
TIME: 8:30 am Continental Breakfast
9:00 am -10:30 am Seminar, Questions, Hangar Talk
WHERE: Mid Island Air Service, Inc. • LI MacArthur Airport
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JAN 11, 2014
The INs and OUTs of ADS-B – The new look of ATC
– Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast system will enhance airport operations across the country
– With increasingly congested airspace, NextGen enhances safety, reduces delays, saves fuel and reduces aircraft exhaust emissions
– A shift to smarter and digital technologies – making flying more predictable and friendly
– ADS-B implementation, technology, options and choices, and how they will affect YOU the pilot
Frank Scotto – FAASTeam Lead Rep E Region, CFI/II/MEI/GIAI SEL, MEL, TURB, HELI

FEB 8, 2014
HYPOXIA – The silent stalker
– What is hypoxia – loss of oxygen, so how so . . . .
– Stages of hypoxia – 4 stages w no discomfort or pain,
– Effects of hypoxia – mental physical impairments, including night visual acuity
– Factors which affect the onset and severity
– Understanding these factors is vital to survival
Gabe Nadasdy – MI Instructor CFI, CFII

MAR 8, 2014
RUNWAY INCURSIONS – Hotspots, communications, multi-processing
– Hotspots – where are they, what are they, why are they there
– Taxi procedures & ISP Bravo4 taxiway
– Pilot phraseology – make it short and simple
– Tower communications with combined positions
– Frequently asked questions – bring them in
Wayne Johnson, ISP Tower controller, CFI CFII

APR 12, 2014
– Taking the mystery out the weather
– How the atmospheric weather engine works
– Why can weather be so unpredictable
– Radar and Satellites – more than just pretty pictures
– Internet weather sources
Bill Korbel – Chief Meteorologist News12/WOR, IFR, Comm, USAF 26 yrs [retired], editorial reviewer AOPA Air Safety Foundation, contributing writer Exploring Earth & Space, . . .

MAY 10, 2014
Loss of Aircraft Control Avoidance
– How to recognize loss of control scenarios
– Unexpected attitudes – now what
– Aircraft profiles to avoid loss of control
– Runway contaminations and overruns
– Performance planning, airspeed, and crosswinds
Joe Foresto CFI, FAASTeam Rep, COMM Pilot, Former Airline Pilot, FS Liason for Runway Safety
Eugene Kurzrok IFR owner pilot

JUN 14 2014
FLIGHT PLANNING – Keys to a safe flight
– Planning your flight – your eye on safety
– Altitude, direction, weather, distance, fuel
– Airspace – is class B on your route, are you comfortable
– Route planning, flight plans, in-flight resources
– Where to on a single tank of gas – four exciting destinations & specials
Dean Marshall, AGI, FAASTeam Rep, COMM Pilot

JUL 12, 2014
– Emergency vehicle equipment & other resources
– Type 1, 2, 3 incidents
– What defines an alert
– On and off-field emergencies
– Foam and fighting fires
– See actual air and ground equipment
Brian Barrett – Sergeant/Commanding Off Suffolk Cty Police Dept Aviation Section
Peter Martin – Director Training & Safety, TOI Fire & Rescue

AUG 9, 2014
Emergency Procedures – Essence of Professionalism in time of Emergency
– Redbird simulator procedures, approaches, training, currency
– Different emergencies – engine outs, stalls, weather
– It’s all about focus – emergencies in the air
– Maintain your IFR currency / Log 2.5 hrs toward PVT, 20 hrs IFR, 25 hrs Comm
– Block time & weekend specials
Gabe Nadasdy – MI Instructor CFI, CFII

SEP 13, 2014
AIRSPACE – Center Control
Differences between Center and Tracon / Airspace Structure
– Emergencies – what happens when things go wrong
– Routing – why only certain routes
– What to do if you make a mistake / what about repercussions
– Communicating effectively / Pilot-Controller communications
– How Controllers can help if pilot get into trouble
Christopher Tucker – Veteran NY Center Controller, PVT, Member NATCA and Air Redesign Project

OCT 11, 2014
WEATHER – Fly smart and and be wx-wise
– Briefings
– Icing
– Thunderstorms
– Wet and contaminated runways
– The go, no-go decision
Jeff Tongue – Meteorologist, Nat’l Weather Service, NYC WX Forecast Officer  

Melissa DiSpigna – Meteorologist, Nat’l Weather Service, ZNY Veteran NY Center  

David Jensen – CFI, CFII, MEI, ATP, Gold Seal CFI, Chief Pilot, HWV GM
NOV 8, 2014
LI AIRSPACE – Safety, history, and old airports on Long Island
– Transition from 1900s to modern day – grass to pavement, sport to industry, wood to metal
– Airports gone but not forgotten
– Trials of flying near controlled fields – Flushing v La Guardia; Zahn’s v Republic
– Abandoned and little known airfields
– Who’s left – some dozen airports serving LI
JC Follender – PVT & aviation enthusiast, Citabria owner, flown all over US

DEC 13, 2014
HUMAN FACTORS – attitude is key
– Proper attitudes – decrepancies and deficiencies
– The role of human error in accidents
– Training and performance issues
– The precursor – dirty dozen
– Accident chain of events
– The consequences of pressure, short cuts, and more
Roger Hughes – Decoding Human Factors

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