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On the second Saturday of each month, our students and renters meet at ISP to participate in our free seminars.




WHEN: 2nd Saturday of each month
TIME: 8:30 am Continental Breakfast
9:00 am -10:30 am Seminar, Questions, Hangar Talk
WHERE: Mid Island Air Service, Inc. • LI MacArthur Airport
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JAN 14, 2017  

AVIATION MEDICAL FOR GA PILOTS – should you be concerned

..  Common maladies – how they affect your certificate

..  Medical certification involving unknown health issues

..  How to handle your medical and the FAA

..  New regulations coming down the pike

..  Your medical certification, questions & answers

Arnold D Panzer, MD – COMM helo, PVT IFR fixed wing, internal medicine, Senior Aviation Medical Examiner, Certified Medical Review Officer, Certified Medical Examiner for Commercial Motor vehicles


FEB 11, 2017

VFR FLIGHT INTO IMC – a life-saving strategy to prevent disorientation and loss of control

..  Scud running –- how low do you go?

..  ATC –- do they have the picture?

..  Understanding aircraft stability –- your airplane’s “innate autopilot”

..  Attitude Indicator –- an overrated instrument / Needle, ball and airspeed –- old school ideas

..  Hands –- a pilot’s worst enemy

..  Throttle –- think hot air balloon pilot / Footwork – “control the nose” and live to fly another day

John Cutcher, ATP, DPE, CFII, Navy, airline, corp pilot


MAR 11, 2017

FOREFLIGHT – An Introduction to ForeFlight Mobile

..  Beyond the basics

..  Airports, Maps, Alerts, Plates, Logs, Documents, Planning, Filings, Wx, Traffic, and more.

..  Foreflight Connect and newly certified Stratus ADS-B Out transponder solutions.

..  Creating and using routes

..  Finding your balance

..  Questions & demos

David Windmiller – A US Unlimited Team Aerobatic Pilot, SE, ME, CFI, CFI Rotorcraft, MEI, Land/Sea, Rotocraft, Glider, Turbo Prop/Jet, 18T+ hrs

APR 8, 2017

WEATHER – Convection in the Spring, radar, forecasts and the pilot

..  Weather Products and what is really necessary for pilots

..  Spring convection, weather threats, and [un]predictability

..  Next Generation Radar [Nexrad] and it’s capabilities

..  National Weather Service [NWS] forecasts

..  Internet weather sources

Jeff Tongue – Meteorologist, National Weather Service, NYC WX Forecast Office, USAF 24 yrs [retired]

Bill Korbel – Chief Meteorologist News12/WOR, IFR, Comm, USAF 26 yrs [retired], editorial reviewer

            AOPA Air Safety Foundation, contributing writer Exploring Earth & Space, . . .

MAY 13, 2017

SPRING FLYING – Knocking off the Dust

..  When was the last time you flew you say?

..  Wx changes, storms, and forecasts

..  Currency, proficiency, and knowledge

..  GPS, WAAS, ADS-B and more

..  Pilot deviations, loss of control, and causal factors

..  Recurrent training, something we all need to make time for

Joe Foresto CFI, COMM Pilot, Former Airline Pilot, FS Liason for Runway Safety


JUN 10, 2017

CENTER & TRACON – handling emergencies.

.  Airspace structure – center/tracon/towers working together

..  IFR vs. VFR flight and advisories, and who we are talking to

..  When things go wrong – top pilot errors

..  Emergencies – how controllers help

..  Dec 2016 water ditching in Long Island Sound

..  Questions & answers

Christopher Tucker – Veteran NY Center Controller, PVT, NATCA and Air Redesign Proj

Jeff Comeau – NY Tracon Controller, frontline manager, MEI rating, B17 time, aircraft owner


JUL 8, 2017

FLYING & CINEMATOGRAPHY – The Best of the Best

  • Film pilots experience and location scouting
  • Camera platforms, aircraft, and gallery
  • Air-air, air-ground, aerial coordination
  • What goes into each plan and pre-flight
  • Safety concerns & precautions – 3 Strikes,  You’re Out

Al Cerullo – Film pilot and coordinator, 35 yrs film exp 25T hrs, FW/H, ifr, com, Cfi/H, A&P S/M

Ken Solosky – Retired Chief Pilot NYPD & Newark Police, ATP, FW/H, CFI/H, AGI, IGI


AUG 12, 2017

AOPA RUSTY PILOT  SEMINAR – Get back in the Left Seat

.  Join fellow Rusty Pilots

.. Brush up on your aviation knowledge

..Learn what has changed since you were last at the controls

..Get current and rejoin the General Aviation community

.. Earn Wings credits


JAN 9, 2016

AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY – the beauty, the problems, the safety

..  Planes traditionally provided the foundation for aerial photographers

..  Flying the airplane – how to position with wind, sun, cloud cover, . . . . .

..  Different uses include maps, land-use planning, movies, surveillance, artistic enjoyment, . . . .

..  Considerations, safety issues, FAA rules, airplane setup, . . . .

..  Cameras, techniques, and supporting equipment

..  Show and tell – the best of slide show

Russel Munson, Contributor Flying Magazine as a photographer, writer, and Consulting Editor for 32 yrs


FEB 13, 2016

DRONES – Are Here to Stay

..  Drones and UAVs defined – uses, costs, and technology

..  FAA rules, regulations, and classifications

..  Training, public education, and safety issues for hobby & recreational flyers

..  Software – restrictions, no-fly zones, airport proximity, and aviation safety

..  Dowling College drone program and the future

Thomas Daly, MS, Dean of Aviation, Dir of Academic & Flight Training Programs Dowling College

          Com, IFR, CFI, AGI, IGI, SEL, SES, MEL, Tailwheel, HELI, Glider, NATA Fast Formation & Aerobatic

Jim Record, MS, Adjunct Professor Dowling School of Aviation, Com, IFR, ATP, ASMEL, AGI, TW


MAR 12, 2016

FAA – Overseeing American civil aviation

..  Its role and organization – Regional offices, Flight Standards, ATC, medical examiners

..  Pilot certification standards that have reduced pilot errors leading to fatal crashes

..  New rules and regs – from drones to licensing

..  You have an incident, what should you do / who should you contact

..  FAA enforcement – new leniency makes for more cooperation

Carmine Gallo – FAA E Region Administrator / Ben Struck TPM FRG FSDO


APR 9, 2016

SPRING FLYING – Kicking off the rust

..  What does strong winds, thunderstorms, and birds have in common

..  Weather changes, storms, and forecasts offer some new challenges

..  VFR & IFR proficiency – you say you haven’t been flying a lot

..  More things you need to consider – flying safety

..  NASA Form – getting in/out of trouble – a last resort

Eric Sachs – Attorney at Law, Member National College for DUI Defense,

National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, AOPA Referral Attorney, Cmdr CG Auxiliary


 MAY 14, 2016

NTSB – A Chat on the back porch

..  The 7 most wanted List – fatigue, medications, . . . .

..  Accident reports, causes, mitigating the risks

..  Maintenance vs. pilot issues – currency and proficiency

..  The investigation process

..  Open discussion

John Goglia – Retired NTSB [National Transportation Safety Board


JUN 11, 2016

FORMATION FLYING – Flying with Discipline and Precision

..  Flying in close formation – the training, safety, discipline, and the right aircraft

..  Every formation flight is a learning experience which is both rewarding and humbling at the same time

..  The requirements for a safe formation flight / leading or following / Lead and Wingman responsibilities

..  How to mitigate the risks / Why untrained and unpracticed formation flights are not safe

..  All you wanted to know about formation flight but had no one to ask – Questions/comments

Robert Mark – PVT, IFR, >10T hrs, AeroSpace Engineer, FFI Formation lead pilot, NAA record holder


JUL 9, 2016

FLYING THE COMPASS – Taking your 172 E Coast to W Coast, Mexico to Alaska

..  Preparations & considerations when flying from your home turf

..  How to prepare for trips like to Rockies, flying out of the country

..  Safety vs. your itinerary – you need to allow a lot of flexibility

..  When things go wrong – and they do

..  Photo essay of trips to Mexico, Alaska, West Coast, and more

Barry Feld – PVT, CG Auxiliary, CAP, Plane owner and traveler

AUG 13, 2016


SEP 10, 2016

AEROBATICS Plus – How this applies to everyday flying & accident avoidance

..  Your airplane is capable of rolling and pitching 360 degrees. Are You?

..  Stalls, Spins, and how to avoid them? Something that may save you one day

..  There are no unusual attitudes for an aerobatic pilot / Zivko Edge 540 & Extra 300 amazing aircraft

..  Emergencies, how to avoid and deal with them / the benefits of Upset Prevention/Recovery Training

..  How lessons learned apply to everyday flying and accident avoidance

..  Show and tell / Questions and answers

David Windmiller – A US Unlimited Team Aerobatic Pilot, SE, ME, CFI, CFI Rotorcraft, MEI, Land/Sea, Rotocraft, Glider, Turbo Prop/Jet, 18T+ hrs

OCT 8, 2016

ADS-B – The Ins and OUTs, a shift to smarter technologies

.. Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast systemwill enhance airport operations across the count

.. Review the overall ADS-B system in the NEXTGEN airspace

.. With increasingly congested airspace, NextGen enhances safety, reduces delays, and saves fuel

.. Develop an understanding of the technical aspects in terminology, functionality, and application

.. ADS-B implementation, technology, options, choices and how this will affects YOU the pilot, now & in 2020

Frank Scotto – Retired USAF & NYCPD Detective, CFI/II/MEI/GIAI SEL, MEL, TURB, HELI, previously served FAA Safety Team for 16 years, quote: Hours are not as important as good training & experience”

NOV 12, 2016


..  Runway incursions

..  Distractions and safe taxing procedures

..  Proper communications

..  Read back / Hear back

..  Winter operations

Wayne Johnson – ISP Tower controller, CFI CFII


DEC 10, 2016

YOUR UPCOMING EMERGENCY – How Well Will You Handle It?

..  No pilot knows when their knowledge and skills will be tested

..  Understand how to train to handle emergencies like a seasoned professional

..  Understanding the tools you need to be prepared for an emergency – real or simulated

..  See how a vertically integrated approach to training can help

..  Learn how to better study aircraft systems, recognize abnormalities, and run checklists

..  Learn how to make good decisions to assure the safest possible outcome

Adam Rosenberg – ATP, DPE, CFI, Major Airline Pilot, Chief Flight Instructor, Director of Training, over 33 years experience

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