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On the second Saturday of each month, our students and renters meet at ISP to participate in our free seminars.




WHEN: 2nd Saturday of each month
TIME: 8:30 am Continental Breakfast
9:00 am -10:30 am Seminar, Questions, Hangar Talk
WHERE: Mid Island Air Service, Inc. • LI MacArthur Airport
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JAN 13, 2018

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF AN AIRLINE PILOT – Utilizing Trans-Oceanic Flight Planning Strategies in GA

  • Fly like the Pros – be a safer, more confident & competent pilot
  • Trans-Oceanic Flight Planning strategies for a flight from NY to Rome
  • Learn about what goes into these Planning Strategies from dispatching, planning, navigation, communications, emergencies, diversions, . . .
  • How this can help the GA pilot and increase your margin of safety
  • Scenarios, regulations, techniques, inflight strategies under both VFR & IFR rules

Adam Rosenberg, FAA DPE, Check Pilot, Major Airline Airbus Captain, 7 type ratings 33 yrs 20T hrs,
Reg Airline Fleet Mngr, fmr Airbus Test/Delivery pilot, 141 Chief FI, FAASTeam Lead Rep, A&P

FEB 10, 2018

WRONG SURFACE LANDINGS – and Airport Surface Safety

  • Landing on a wrong runway taxiway or airport, lining up on a wrong runway or taxiway
  • Surface safety relative to runway incursions, excursions, overruns and severity of these events
  • Recent events that could have resulted in the worst ever aircraft accidents
  • Causal factors and current actions to eliminate/mitigate such events; GA involvement & FAA analysis
  • Things you can do now – IPC, Flight Reviews, simulator, airport knowledge, ask an expert, . . . .

Joe Foresto CFI, COMM Pilot, Former Airline Pilot, and Retired FAA Washington Headquarters Operations Inspector

 MAR 10, 2018

THREE STRIKES & YOU’RE OUT – How aware are you?

  • Chain of events, or error chain – safety concerns & precautions
  • How, many contributing factors lead to accidents rather than 1 single event
  • Human factor-related vs. mechanical failure with aircraft, account for 3:1 accidents
  • Pilot error, communication problems, weather, airfield congestions, . . . . a chain ex
  • Safety game show, with questions and prizes

Ken Solosky – Retired Chief Pilot NYPD & Newark Police, ATP, FW/H, Cfi/H, AGI, IGI

 APR 14, 2018

CHECKLISTS – Beyond the checkride, read and do vs. flow

  • The virtues of standardization & regimentation / Muscle mem may save your life
  • Expanded normal’ checklists: a great way to walk before you run
  • Show your “right stuff” through flows, checks, ‘read and do’ procedures
  • User friendly” manufacturer checklists / Limitations of commercial off-the-shelf lists
  • Would you like to fly like the pros? Consider the ‘flow’ and check method
  • Checklist Lessons learned in the Boeing B-17, medicine and nuclear power

John Cutcher, ATP, DPE, Navy, airline, corp pilot, Lead Rep for the Baltimore FAASTeam







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