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On the second Saturday of each month, our students and renters meet at ISP to participate in our free seminars.




WHEN: 2nd Saturday of each month
TIME: 8:30 am Continental Breakfast
9:00 am -10:30 am Seminar, Questions, Hangar Talk
WHERE: Mid Island Air Service, Inc. • LI MacArthur Airport
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JAN 9, 2016

AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY – the beauty, the problems, the safety

..  Planes traditionally provided the foundation for aerial photographers

..  Flying the airplane – how to position with wind, sun, cloud cover, . . . . .

..  Different uses include maps, land-use planning, movies, surveillance, artistic enjoyment, . . . .

..  Considerations, safety issues, FAA rules, airplane setup, . . . .

..  Cameras, techniques, and supporting equipment

..  Show and tell – the best of slide show

Russel Munson, Contributor Flying Magazine as a photographer, writer, and Consulting Editor for 32 yrs


FEB 13, 2016

DRONES – Are Here to Stay

..  Drones and UAVs defined – uses, costs, and technology

..  FAA rules, regulations, and classifications

..  Training, public education, and safety issues for hobby & recreational flyers

..  Software – restrictions, no-fly zones, airport proximity, and aviation safety

..  Dowling College drone program and the future

Thomas Daly, MS, Dean of Aviation, Dir of Academic & Flight Training Programs Dowling College

          Com, IFR, CFI, AGI, IGI, SEL, SES, MEL, Tailwheel, HELI, Glider, NATA Fast Formation & Aerobatic

Jim Record, MS, Adjunct Professor Dowling School of Aviation, Com, IFR, ATP, ASMEL, AGI, TW


MAR 12, 2016

FAA – Overseeing American civil aviation

..  Its role and organization – Regional offices, Flight Standards, ATC, medical examiners

..  Pilot certification standards that have reduced pilot errors leading to fatal crashes

..  New rules and regs – from drones to licensing

..  You have an incident, what should you do / who should you contact

..  FAA enforcement – new leniency makes for more cooperation

Carmine Gallo – FAA E Region Administrator / Ben Struck TPM FRG FSDO


APR 9, 2016

SPRING FLYING – Kicking off the rust

..  What does strong winds, thunderstorms, and birds have in common

..  Weather changes, storms, and forecasts offer some new challenges

..  VFR & IFR proficiency – you say you haven’t been flying a lot

..  More things you need to consider – flying safety

..  NASA Form – getting in/out of trouble – a last resort

Eric Sachs – Attorney at Law, Member National College for DUI Defense,

National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, AOPA Referral Attorney, Cmdr CG Auxiliary


 MAY 14, 2016

NTSB – A Chat on the back porch

..  The 7 most wanted List – fatigue, medications, . . . .

..  Accident reports, causes, mitigating the risks

..  Maintenance vs. pilot issues – currency and proficiency

..  The investigation process

..  Open discussion

John Goglia – Retired NTSB [National Transportation Safety Board


JUN 11, 2016

FORMATION FLYING – Flying with Discipline and Precision

..  Flying in close formation – the training, safety, discipline, and the right aircraft

..  Every formation flight is a learning experience which is both rewarding and humbling at the same time

..  The requirements for a safe formation flight / leading or following / Lead and Wingman responsibilities

..  How to mitigate the risks / Why untrained and unpracticed formation flights are not safe

..  All you wanted to know about formation flight but had no one to ask – Questions/comments

Robert Mark – PVT, IFR, >10T hrs, AeroSpace Engineer, FFI Formation lead pilot, NAA record holder


JUL 9, 2016

FLYING THE COMPASS – Taking your 172 E Coast to W Coast, Mexico to Alaska

..  Preparations & considerations when flying from your home turf

..  How to prepare for trips like to Rockies, flying out of the country

..  Safety vs. your itinerary – you need to allow a lot of flexibility

..  When things go wrong – and they do

..  Photo essay of trips to Mexico, Alaska, West Coast, and more

Barry Feld – PVT, CG Auxiliary, CAP, Plane owner and traveler


AUG 13, 2016



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