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Ever wanted to rent an airplane in another state but don’t want to go through the hassle of a one hour checkout just to rent for a one hour local flight.  Now you can skip the local checkout, grab the keys and go.  Through OpenAirplane, renting a plane can be as easy as renting a car!

Mid Island, a Cessna Pilot Center, is proud to be part of the OpenAirplane network.  OpenAirplane was established in 2012 and has over 120 rental aircraft available for you to choose from.  With one annual, Universal Checkout, you can rent at FBO’s throughout the US.  And the Universal Checkout counts as your BFR.  As long as you are flying the same make and model, your Universal Checkout is recognized by other participating operator’s and you can rent their planes without an additional local checkout.  Just spend a few minutes with their CFI to make sure you are familiar with any special operations in their airspace. 

This is a great concept for aircraft owners who may wish to rent a plane when they fly commercially to another state.  Over 6000 pilots have already enrolled…what are you waiting for?

Enroll now and schedule your Universal Checkout with one of our OpenAirplane qualified CFIs.

Visit www.openairplane.com for complete details and to sign up. 



Rev. 04/10/2014