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Mid Island Flight School is pleased to announce AeroCamp.
AeroCamp is a program designed to give young people a unique opportunity to explore the world of aviation and aerospace. As a member of the Flight School Association of North America, our flight school is proud to host AeroCamp for the kids in our Long Island community.

Campers have the opportunity to learn first hand about the dynamics of airplanes and flight along with the broad spectrum of careers in the aerospace industry. Campers get to fly an airplane if they so choose. There is a strong education component that all campers receive. There are field trips to explore various elements that together form the aerospace industry.

There are two camp options: AeroCamp Bravo and AeroCamp Alpha. Bravo is for future pilots in grades 6-8. This is the entry-level camp and each camper will receive a simulator and aircraft flight. AeroCamp Alpha is for grades 9-12 and each camper will receive multiple simulator/flight lessons. View our photo album to see the many types of activities that may be available during each of the camps. Activities, tours, flights and field trips will vary for each camp depending on weather and availability of tours.

Our Aero Camp satisfies the requirements for the Boy Scout Aviation Merit Badge.
For those scouts who have a desire to pursue this special merit badge, our camp is for you.

Included with the registration fee, students will receive a logbook, First Flight Certificate, Aero Camp Tee Shirt, a Six month subscription to AOPA’s Flight Training Magazine, an Aero Camp Graduation Certificate and a $50.00 gift certificate off a future Introductory Flight Lesson. Snacks, juice and water will be provided daily as well as a pizza lunch on Graduation Day. Campers are asked to bring their own lunch (in externally marked insulated bags) on the remaining days.

All camps are now full.  We hope that all our campers have a great time.

Aero Camp Alpha July 6-10, 2020: $929 (grades 9-12)
Optional Flight Day- week following camp: $450

This camp is combined Bravo/Alpha
Aero Camp Alpha July 27-31, 2020: $929 (grades 9-12)
Optional Flight Day- week following camp: $450 Alpha

Aero Camp Bravo July 27-31, 2020: $729 (grades 6-8
Optional Flight Day- week following camp: $300 Bravo

Aero Camp Alpha Aug 10-14, 2020: $929 (grades 9-12)
Optional Flight Day- week following camp: $450

To learn more about this great program, contact Mid Island Flight School at 631-588-5400.


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AeroCamp Bravo & Alpha Photo Gallery 2019

Comments from our Aero Campers:

“Awesome experience for the children! Helps expand the child’s mental horizons beyond expectations. Also took my son’s fear of flying away.”– Dad Of Julian

“Happiest days of my son’s life! Aero Camp has made his dream of flying come true.”– Mom Of Michael M

“Brennan couldn’t stop talking each day when I picked him up. I saw him truly able to explore his joy and excitement of flying.”– Mom Of Brennan

“Possibly the best summer camp my son has ever attended, he loved all of it!”– Dad Of Jasper

“Don’t hesitate to take advantage of a special week in Aero Camp. You will have a happy child at the end of each day.”– Mom Of Michael B

“The camp is a great way to discover your inner passion for flying and to meet others with similar passions.”– LA

“Best experience of my life!”– SM

“Aero Camp was an amazing experience for our son. He learned so much and loved being around other kids with the same interest. The camp is so professionally run. This was truly our best camp experience.”– Mom Of Jack N

“This was such a rewarding experience for my grandson. It was a chance for him to live his dreams of the field of aviation. This is just the start. He will surely return next year.”– Mom Of Dylan

“My son was challenged and invigorated by this experience and called is the most fun he has ever had.”– Mom Of Jack K

“Aero Camp has been such a fun and rewarding experience for my son. This is our 3rd year and his favorite week of the summer.”– Mom Of Jack H

“Saw many neat things with interesting and fun flying experiences.”– TS

“Camp was a lot of fun and I learned more than I expected I would.”– BC

“I learned a lot about aviation and airplanes and had a very fun experience.”– DJ

“I enjoyed the museum tours and visiting the BOCES program as well as the cross-country flight.”– SF

“I loved how we learned about how planes work and about how flying is more than just pushing some buttons.”– JH

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