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FAA Written Exams

At the convenience of our Islip location, you may take your FAA Knowledge exam through the PSI computer testing system.  You must register in advance through, we can no longer accept Walk Ins.

Testing is available at the following posted times and all appointments are made through

Monday 0900-1500
Tuesday 0900-1500
Wednesday Unavailable
Thursday 1200-1900
Friday 0900-1500
Saturday 0900-1500
Sunday Unavailable


The testing fee for the FAA exams is $175.00.  Photo ID is required and a sign off may be required by your flight instructor.  Non U.S. citizens must include a passport, in addition to one or more of the following: driver’s license, government i.d. card and or military identification card. Below is a partial list of FAA tests given at our site; visit the PSI website for a complete list.

Requires Sign Off:

  1. Aviation Mechanic (Airframe, General, Powerplant)…Form 8610-2 required
  2. Inspection Authorization… Form 8610-1 required
  3. Private Pilot, Recreational Pilot, Sport Pilot
  4. Commercial Pilot (Airplane, Glider, Helicopter)
  5. Instrument Rating (Airplane, Helicopter, Instrument Airplane & Helicopter)
  6. Airline Transport Pilot (ATM, ATH)
  7. Parachute Rigger… Form 8610-2 required

No Sign Off Required:

  1. Aircraft Dispatcher
  2. Flight Instructor (Airplane, Glider, Helicopter, Instrument Airplane)
  3. Fundamentals of Instruction (FOI)
  4. Ground Instructor (Basic, Advanced, Instrument)
  5. Unmanned Aerial General (UAG (Drone) Part 107)

For sample practice exams:

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