Certified Flight Instructor

Mission Statement:
"We steadily improve our processes and procedures in order to make our customers ecstatically happy while maintaining the dignity of our entire family of employees".

Flight School Courses:

Certified Flight Instructor

Ready to pass your knowledge onto the next generation of pilots? Well then the CFI Certificate is for you. It allows you the ability to help educate and promote safe flying practices to future pilots while earning time and money towards your career goals.

Light Sport CFI

Armed with a Private Pilot Rating and can’t afford to get your Instrument and Commercial Certificates yet?  We offer a Light Sport CFI program.  The Light Sport CFI program will allow you to instruct Sport Pilot Students towards certification all while helping to fund future flight training.

If you are looking to do this an accelerated version, please let our team know so we can help you accomplish the goal.

Certified Flight Instructor – Airplane

In order to accomplish the dream of flying many students become CFI’s so that they can pass on their knowledge, time build, and make money all at the same time.  All students complete their CFI Training with our lead CFI’s which have over 100 years of flying experience combined.  You will learn how to truly teach and not just learn to fly from the right seat.  All student’s who completed their CFI with us get a guaranteed interview to work for us and many get picked up by Republic Airlines with our feeder program we have in place.  It doesn’t get much easier to become an airline pilot then working for Mid Island Air Service.


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