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WHEN: 2nd Saturday of each month via Zoom
TIME (EST): 8:30 am Continental Breakfast (temporarily suspended)
9:00 am -10:30 am Seminar, Questions, Hangar Talk
WHERE: Mid Island Air Service, Inc. • LI MacArthur Airport

We now broadcast all seminars as a Live Webinar via the FAA Webinars system


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JAN 8, 2022

ADM and the Chain of Events

  • ADM is ALWAYS at play and drives your every action!
  • Do you have the information you need to make the best decisions?
  • How do you respond to changing circumstances & are you able to identify threats and mitigate the risks?
  • Chain of events or error chain – safety concern & precautions
  • How many contributing factors lead to accidents rather than 1 single event
  • Human factor related vs. mechanic failure w aircraft – account for 3:1 accidents

Vincent Aprea – Base Aviation Manager for SkyHealth air medical transport at ISP, EMS line pilot, COMM, ATP [helo], CFI, AGI, EMT, Aircraft Rescue, prior NYPD pilot

Ken Solosky – Retired Chief Pilot NYPD & Newark Police, ATP, FW/H, CFI.H, AGI, IGI

FEB 12, 2022

Airborne Medical Emergencies; How to act as the PIC

  • Are you prepared and would you know what to do in a medical emergency?
  • Foremost, recognizing  that you have an in-air medical emergency.
  • Declaring an emergency and getting on the ground as quickly as possible.
  • Responding and treating life threatening medical emergencies before EMS arrives
  • Steps you should take while waiting for EMS.
  • What first aid equipment should you carry on-board your aircraft

Ken Solosky – Retired Chief Pilot NYPD & Newark Police, ATP, FW/H, CFI.H, AGI, IGI

 MAR 12, 2022

AOPA – Rusty Pilot Seminar

  • Life may have gotten in the way, but the dream of flight can be yours again
  • Returning to the skies is not as difficult as most rusty pilots think
  • Understand what’s changed in aviation since you last took the controls
  • Brush up on your aviation knowledge
  • The program is developed by AOPA in partnership with local flight training providers
  • How you can get back in the air and a part of the general aviation community
  • Get ground school signoff towards a flight review [BFR]

Donnie MacKay – Senior Manager, Rusty Pilots & Operations, You Can Fly, AOPA Foundation, Inc

Rebecca Boone – CFI part of the Rusty Pilots team

APR 9, 2022

AIRLINE RECURRENT TRAINING – And what GA can, and should, learn from similar requirements

  • Recurrent training in the airlines from a Check Airman perspective
  • Why GA should listen and go through more frequent training even if not a requirement
  • One airlines training program, how developed, administered, and evolved over time
  • How GA pilots can benefit from some simple suggestions rooted in it

Adam Rosenberg, FAA DPE, CFI, Check Pilot, Airline Captain

 MAY 14, 2022


  • It is possible for a bad landing from a good approach,

but impossible to make a good landing from a bad approach.

  • 5 steps: speed/height, look outside, end of runway, flare, power
  • Making stabilized approaches: speed, decent, trim, touchdown spot, flare
  • How to know where to look when you flare
  • Q&A, and look for possible Spot Landing contest in the Fall

David Windmiller – A US Unlimited Team Aerobatic Pilot, ATP, MEI, CFI, Light Sport

to Business Jet, Turbo Prop, Helo, CFI Rotorcraft, Glider, Land/Sea, Test Pilot, 20K+ hrs

JUN 11, 2022

LEGAL CHECKLISTS – Is All Your Paperwork in Order

  • Pilot and Instructor certificates and logbook requirements – FAR 61.56
  • Recent experience requirements & Instrument Proficiency
  • Training and Instructor endorsements, specials and logbook requirements
  • NOTAMS are regulatory and binding
  • A&P authorizations/requirements pilots need to know

Kathy Yodice – PVT, IFR, Managing partner Yodice Associates Potomac MD, representing aviation legal interest over 30 years, served on AOPA’s Board of Aviation Medical Advisors, . . .

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