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WHEN: 2nd Saturday of each month via Zoom
TIME (EST): 8:30 am Continental Breakfast (temporarily suspended)
9:00 am -10:30 am Seminar, Questions, Hangar Talk
WHERE: Mid Island Air Service, Inc. • LI MacArthur Airport

We now broadcast all seminars as a Live Webinar via the FAA Webinars system


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January 9, 2021 Airline Style Threat and Error Management [TEM] for the GA Pilot

  • What are Threats in the Cockpit?
  • What are Errors in the Cockpit?
  • How do we manage Threats and Errors?
  • How do the Airlines teach Threat and Error Management (TEM)?
  • How can GA Pilots implement these techniques?

Justin Schlechter – A320 Captain, ATP, CFI-I, MEI, Commercial Engine Sea, 11,000+ hrs.

February 13, 2021 NYC IFR/VFR Operations – Building Your ATC Confidence

  • Understanding the difference between “The Class Bravo” and the “Controllers Airspace”
  • How to transition the NY Bravo VFR
  • Understanding IFR routes through/ around NYC
  • Airborne IFR pickups…
  • A few case studies

Toby Bucsescu – PVT, ATC Specialist, prior Boston Air Route Traffic Control Center, current NY Terminal Radar Approach Control (TRACON) working LaGuardia Specialization, former DA40 owner.

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March 13, 2021 Weather Operations– Understanding Airmasses and Fronts

  • Airmass Classification, modification, and characteristics
  • Fronts defined, discontinuities, types, and wx affects
  • Front types – cold vs. warm, and occluded
  • Cyclogenesis and dry lines.

Glenn Hausmann, ATP Pilot, CFII, CFIA, MEII, Dispatcher, Former Flight Safety International Examiner, 121 Regional Airline Pilot

April 10, 2021

Have you heard this before?  GA Aircraft Accident Causal Factors

  • What would you identify as a causal factor?  What are the mitigations?
  • Low altitude operations, avoiding mid-air collisions.
  • VFR to IMC – includes IFR rated pilots
  • Your input is important to your “flying team”

Joe Foresto ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI, AGI, FE, Former Airline Pilot, Rated in B727, G4, BE1900, SD3, EA500S, Int’l Flt Exp, FAA Washington Headquarters Ops Inspector

May 8, 2021

FAR COMPLIANCE – What the FAA & Aviation Lawyers Still Want You To Know

  • A New Normal? What’s new, what’s the same, and what you need to know.
  • What every pilot should know when questioned, top FAA Enforcement Actions.
  • FAA Ramp Checks & Requests for Reexamination – don’t fret, you got this.
  • Accident/Incident Reporting – what to say, or not say, and to who.
  • FAA’s Kinder Gentler Program – the good, the bad, the ugly, & ASRP data sharing at its best.

Kathy Yodice – PVT, IFR, Managing partner Yodice Associates Potomac MD, representing aviation legal interest over 30 years, served on AOPA’s Board of Aviation Medical Advisors

June 12, 2021

Calling All CFIs – Training from a DPE perspective

  • How to create a pilot and not an airplane driver. What you probably never learned.
  • Learning to use your most valuable resources, and be ready for any emergency.
  • The biggest screen in the airplane is the windshield, and the information the most valuable.
  • Your body is the most important and accurate gauge.
  • If your engine quits, what you really need to do.

David Windmiller – A US Unlimited Team Aerobatic Pilot, ATP, MEI, CFI, Light Sport to Business Jet, Turbo Prop, Helo, CFI Rotorcraft, Glider, Land/Sea, Test Pilot, 20K+ hrs

July 10, 2021

Aviation and Covid.

  • Topics to follow

Arnold D Panzer, MD – COMM Helo, PVT IFR fixed wing, internal medicine, Senior Aviation Medical Examiner, Certified Medical Review Officer, Certified Medical Examiner for Commercial Motor vehicles

August 2021: Happy Summer! No Seminar

September 11, 2021

October 9, 2021

A Day in the Life of an Accident Investigation – How the NTSB “Go Team” works

  • Walking through the response to a major aviation accident
  • Getting beyond the cause – investigative reasoning for safety issues
  • General aviation accident investigations
  • What should you do if you are involved?
  • A few case studies (Kobe Bryant, Asiana, etc.)

Bill English – NTSB Investigator-in-Charge.  Comm/CFI-I SEL MEL SES E170/190.

November 13, 2021

December 11, 2021

Pilot Flown Mishaps – Planning, Precision & Coordination in General Aviation

  • Incidents & Accidents – how they happen and how to prevent them
  • Did you know this year we had several events: involving professional crews caused by poor maintenance practices / by lack of preflight planning / etc
  • We’ll review a sampling of events this year
  • And talk about how NOT to become a statistic

Ben Struck, FAASTeam Program Manager for the Farmingdale FSDO & Dean Marshall, CFI, Lead FAASTeam Representative, Commercial Pilot

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