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"We steadily improve our processes and procedures in order to make our customers ecstatically happy while maintaining the dignity of our entire family of employees".

Charlotte Fuller

Since my Junior year, I have been enrolled in Bixhorn Technical Center in the Suffolk
Aviation Academy. When I was a little girl, I was fascinated by flight. Following my passing score on the FAA Written Knowledge Exam last year, I have started the pursuit of obtaining my Private Pilot’s License this year. The Academy’s partnership with Mid Island Air Service has been where I am able to train. Although there were very few girls in my class, I became comfortable with being in uncomfortable positions. The course was very self driven and individualistic, in that I had to learn how to navigate the curriculum and syllabus almost entirely by myself. Through this, I have learned, and continue to learn how to become responsible and in charge of my own future every day. Recently I have passed my Stage 1 and 2 in the Cessna 172, and have just completed my first solo flight. I plan to obtain my license by May of 2022, almost entirely through this program. I have not only been actively involved in my future, but have also learned leadership skills along the way. Being a part of the National Technical Honor Society and an executive board member of SkillsUSA, I have learned how to be a role model in my community. I will further my education at the prestigious flight program at The University of North Dakota. I will make every flight count by doing the work to prepare, so not a second in air is wasted. I will be a Commercial Airline Pilot some day and you can trust that I will be a role model to other aspiring pilots and show that with hard work and passion, you can do anything you set your mind to.



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