Mission Statement:
"We steadily improve our processes and procedures in order to make our customers ecstatically happy while maintaining the dignity of our entire family of employees".

Colin Caraher

I have been interested in aviation ever since I could remember my first time on an airplane. It has been my goal to become a commercial pilot, traveling to new places and doing so while meeting new people and working with others. I have always been interested in traveling and learning about new cultures, and as a pilot, I believe that I could fulfill that. I took my first discovery flight at Republic Airport in Farmingdale at the age of 11, and since then becoming a pilot has been my ultimate future goal. I have since taken two more lessons learning how to fly around Long Island and New York City. For years, my older brother and I have shared the same goal of becoming a pilot and now he is soon to become a Navy pilot. My brother has been a big influence on my motivation and determination in achieving my goal of becoming a pilot. I understand that becoming a pilot is very challenging and requires a great amount of determination, knowledge, teamwork, and problem-solving, but I believe that my love for aviation will drive me to success.



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