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Myles Jackson

As a child I have always dreamed of flying. After attending my first airshow, it was clear to me that being a pilot was my goal in life. It was aerobatic pilot Sean D. Tucker who inspired me to take to the skies.

In middle school, I joined AeroChapter Club where me and other kids would meet to talk
about aviation. This is where I became one of the first youth members of the Flight School
Associations of North America (FSANA) in the United States. AeroChapter introduced me to many opportunities in the aviation industry. I also flew an airplane for the first time.

I also joined the Civil Air Patrol (CAP), a volunteer non-profit organization and the official
auxiliary of the United States Air Force. In CAP I learned leadership skills, aerospace,
emergency services, drill, and how to fly aircraft. In pursuit of CAP’s core values I have been promoted into the cadet officer role as 2nd Lieutenant. This has given me the opportunity to be in different leadership positions including mentoring cadets. Teaching cadets has been rewarding. It has shown me how I can extend my leadership and passion for aviation outside of the organization in school and other activities that I participate in. Within CAP, I was able to pre-solo a glider.

After learning to fly gliders, I began to take powered flight lessons. I love flying; seeing
everything from 2000 feet is astonishing. It gives you an entirely new perspective of our world.

The sky illuminating the world gives you this sense of freedom. My passion for aviation has motivated me to pursue a career in commercial aviation. Hard work and perseverance have shown me that I can begin to realize my dream of becoming a commercial airline pilot.



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