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Mission Statement:
"We steadily improve our processes and procedures in order to make our customers ecstatically happy while maintaining the dignity of our entire family of employees".

Flight School Courses:

Private Pilot Certificate

Our 3 Stage Private Pilot Course focuses on making you a safe and knowledgeable pilot with one on one training with one of our highly trained Certified Flight Instructors and our Landing Doctor Code.  We have a fleet of Technically Advanced Airplanes ready and waiting to help you become the safest and competent pilot you can be.  As we say “Getting Started is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Our Program

We implement a 3 Stage Program to help you get your Private Pilot Certificate.

  1. Learn the Basics – Your dedicated Flight Instructor will teach you the basics fundamentals to learning how to fly.  With our Landing Doctor Code and Ground Proximity Awareness (GPA) Training we will have you landing in crosswind in no time.
  2. Time to explore – You and your CFI will starting exploring the beauty that is flying by traveling to other airports on your Cross Country.  Don’t worry though we will have you back for dinner, a Cross Country is only 50 Nautical Miles away.  Ready to see what the world looks like from above at night?  You will complete 3 hours of night flying during this stage too.
  3. Flying Solo – It is time to cut the cord you will fly for the first time as sole occupant of the airplane!  With some additional review flights with your Instructor you will be an officially Licenses Pilot before you know it.

You’re Licensed! Now What?

One of the most common questions are what can I do with me Private Pilot Certificate, so let us tell you.

  1. You can go flying day or night on nice days with other people in the airplane, but you can’t be paid.
  2. You can fly for a charity and get the cost covered by the charity.
  3. You can fly Search and Rescue Missions and fly for free.
  4. You can be an aircraft salesman once you have 200 hours or more.
  5. You can keep learning and build your skills by getting your Instrument or Commercial Certificate.

Minimum Requirements

To become a Private Pilot you must meet the following minimum qualifications.

  1. Be at least 17 years old.
  2. Be able to Read, Speak, Write, and Understand the English Language.
  3. Have a Student Pilot Certificate. Click here to learn how to apply for your Student Pilot Certificate.
  4. Have at least an FAA Class 3 Medical from an Aviation Medical Examiner (AME).  Click here to find an AME.
    1. Under Designee Type select AME
    2. Click Location Search
    3. Enter the County and State you want to find an AME.
    4. Select “First Class AME” if interested in becoming a Commercial Pilot one day.
  5. Have received and logged all the Ground and Flight Training necessary to pass the Practical Exam as outlined in FAA 61.105, 61.107, and 61.109.
  6. Pass an FAA written Exam
  7. Pass an FAA Practical Test with a Designated Pilot Examiner

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