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Flight School Courses:

Sport Pilot Certificate

As the FAA minimum required flight hours are half of those required for the Private Pilot Certificate, it may be possible to complete your Sport Pilot License in as little as 4 months and less than $7500. If you wish to obtain your certificate in the least amount of time and money, you should plan to fly 3-4 lessons per week for the optimum learning experience. Our average flight time for the Sport Certificate is approximately 40-45 flight hours.

A Sport Pilot Certificate is for those pilots who wish to fly in non-controlled airspace such as Brookhaven (HWV), East Hampton (HTO), Montauk (MTP), Block Island (BID), Cape Cod (PVC), Sullivan Co (MSV), Old Bridge (3N6), Stroudsburg-Pocono (N53) or Sussex, NJ (FWN).

If you wish to expand your destinations, a few optional lessons will give you the experience necessary in order to fly into airports with control towers.

An FAA medical examination is not required, all you need to get started is a valid USA driver’s license. Prior to your first solo flight, you will obtain a student pilot certificate from the local FSDO at Republic Airport.

You will train in light sport aircraft specifically designed for the Sport Pilot certificate.

There will be an additional cost for school enrollment, training materials, your own personal headset, the FAA computerized knowledge examination and the practical Flight Test fee. Remember, the more often you fly, the more quickly you will progress to your goal of becoming a sport pilot.

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