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I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the incredible experience Max has had at Mid-Island this summer. We’re incredibly thankful that you guys were recommended to us, and doubly thankful for the experience Max had with Christian.  Christian really went above and beyond for Max. He clearly recognized Max was incredibly dedicated and he went out of his way to help make it possible for Max to achieve his goal of obtaining his private pilot’s certificate in just a little over two months.  The same really goes for everyone else at Mid-Island. All of the instructors who flew with him or tested him or even just the ones who offered an encouraging word here or there, all of the dispatchers, really everyone – it was a great experience, and not just for Max. I was there almost every day this summer and everyone made me feel at home.  We can’t thank the Mid-Island family enough, and we look forward to many years of flying with you.

Andrew Migdon, September 2020

I would formally like to express my gratitude and high level of satisfaction with Mid Island Flight School. After doing a lot of research, I decided to join the Private Pilot program, and I am very proud of my decision. I came here with high expectations, and so far I have experienced nothing but the best professional service.
I am particularly very grateful to my CFI, Richard Harris; who has become my mentor and a source of inspiration. His level of commitment, patience, professionalism, and excellent communication skills, is making me a great student and I am confident that this will result in me becoming a great pilot. I just finished my Ground School with Richard, and it was nothing but great. He was able once again, to inspire us all, and provided excellent training. I am planning to take my FAA Written Test in the upcoming weeks. I feel confident, and I am happy. Still, I would like to formally thank Mid Island Flight School and my CFI Mr. Richard Harris for a great experience. I am looking forward to many flying hours with him and becoming a pilot under his wings.

Jordie Landauro, July 2018

We have greatly appreciated the outstanding service that you have provided XGEN for the past fifteen years. On the seventh of May, New York Jet stepped up and came to our rescue as never before. Jim, John, Alex and Brian are to be commended for the “all hands on deck” call to move our disabled Astra Jet off the runway.
Our pilot, let me know how your Director of Maintenance, Mr. John Coluccio, led a team of ten people from various organizations. The smooth coordination, brilliant innovation and professionalism displayed by him and his team resulted in a successful recovery with absolutely no damage to our airplane. The precise maneuvering of the two tugs by Alex and Brian, one on each main gear and literally inches apart, rivaled a Blue Angles airshow.Jim tirelessly worked behind the scene to prepare a hangar spot on very short notice and facilitated coordination between the team on the runway and the operations desk at New York Jet. Please convey my deepest appreciation to your wonderful employees and I sincerely thank you for providing service to XGEN which far exceeded our highest expectations.

Susan E. Badia, X-GEN Pres & CEO

As you know I finished my IPC/Flight Review course with the 172 flight yesterday. As always, it was not only a learning experience, but fun as well. I have been fortunate in my career as an aviation photojournalist to have taken training with some truly excellent instructors who were not only highly experienced and skilled pilots, but who also loved to teach. My DC-3 type rating instructor comes to mind, as well as Marion Cole’s course in his aerobatic Bonanza, and more recently, Joe. Not only does he have a live-wire personality, but he has a love of learning, an amazing storehouse of knowledge, and a talent and enjoyment in passing it on to his students. His very diverse career experience provides an unusual breadth of knowledge from which the student can learn things he/she may have never thought of. I look forward to more classes with him. Being a safe pilot, or a fulfilled human being for that matter, is a never ending learning process. Thank you for your foresight in having Joe on you Mid-Island team.

Russell Munson

I am writing to share some key experiences that I have recently had, which may be beneficial to other students at MIAS. Last July, I was fortunate to have been taken on as a student by Bill Jensen. As you likely already know, Bill’s abilities as a pilot, and more importantly as an instructor, are unparalleled. Bill has the patience and professionalism to work with the most challenging students, quickly identifying strengths and weaknesses and using the former to improve the latter in the most positive manner possible.
In particular, Bill made two suggestions that, quite frankly, positively changed the course of my instruction almost instantaneously. First, Bill recommended reading Stick and Rudder, a book that somehow put into focus, many of the mysteries that alluded me. As a result of reading the book and understanding the tenets contained therein, I saw drastic improvements in my ability to handle an aircraft, particularly during landings. Second, Bill suggested that I spend some time sitting in the rear seat during someone else’s lesson. Although I really enjoy flying, this somehow felt like a bad idea. Why would I want to get in a plane with someone who flew like me (or worse). Nonetheless, I did it and found the experience to be a key tool in my instructional arsenal. Watching the good, the bad, and the ugly of another student’s actions, without the pressure of making any decisions, was extremely helpful. Feeling the actions and reactions, and understanding that others had difficulty with some of the same things that I did, was very empowering and comforting. I recognize that there are a million things that turn an eager student into a successful pilot, but it doesn’t hurt to have an amazing instructor with appropriately creative ideas.

– J.H.

Backseat Observation Training Flights:
I have been a well satisfied student and renter at Mid-Island for over three years. My training, starting with Anthony Caruso, then with Joshua Wigotow and now with William Jensen has been a joy and the realization of a desire that started with “Sky King” and still is present today.
As part of my training, Mr. Jensen has had me ride in the backseat of aircraft during his training flights with others. I must say that seeing the training from that perspective offers insights into my own advancement. Not being responsible for flying the aircraft and being afforded the luxury of seeing others deal with the necessities of flight in a real time, real world “classroom in the sky” situation, drives home the points of the lesson being taught. I can see how the other student responds to the situation and can focus on one small part of the lesson rather than be required to maintain a scan of all that is going on. Clearly the lesson belongs to the pilot in training. That rule is inviolate, and I thank those who have agreed to let me fly with them. You have no idea how difficult it is for a trial lawyer to stay quiet, but I believe that this type of training is important enough to make the “silence” sacrifice worth the effort.

– Robert J. Farley

The following words of thank you have been a long time in the making.
Over the past 2 1/2 years, I have gone from a complete non-aviator to an instrument rated Pilot, while I have seen my 18-year-old son also gain his private pilot certificate.

I am now on my second plane and likely will be on my third within a short period of time.

Mid Island Air has been a tremendous resource to me and specifically your chief pilot, Bill Jensen, has gone above and beyond the call of duty in assisting me and my son in safely obtaining our certificates while having a fantastic time doing it. Not only has Bill given us great structured lessons, he has even included us as back seat passengers for each other’s lessons as well as with other of his students. This has been a tremendous learning experience. Because of this I have referred multiple friends to mid Island, at least one of which has already received his private pilot certificate at Bill’s hand.

Again thanks to you and all of your staff for doing such a great job and becoming such an important part of my life.

– Robert M Pollina M.D.

The course is definitely worth the effort, I learned some new things, remembered some old things. It was long, but it seemed it was the only way to have done it. The mixture of simulator and flight appeals to me and I look forward to some good weather to complete the IPC and log it in my logbook. Lastly, I made some new friends.

– Bill Goess, Jan 2014 IPC Course

Many thanks for the weekend. Thanks for a lot of info, patience and effort on your part which was much appreciated by me and, I’m sure, by my classmates.
Regarding the arranged scheduled circle to land flights I will plan on being there on Saturday along with the group. If, so some reason, things don’t gel, I have fairly flexible time except for the usual life interruptions and can arrange some alternate date.

– Bill Reyer, Jan 2014 IPC Course

I wanted to let you know that the IPC class given by Joe Foresto on January 4th & 5th was a terrific review. I have not been IFR current for many years and needed more than just a couple of practice approaches before going back into the system. Using the Red Bird simulator with Joe orchestrating different scenarios really shook out the cobwebs and got me back on the right track.
I recommend to anyone needing instrument currency work to sign up for this comprehensive 2 day course.

– Pete Christie, Jan 2014 IPC Course

The I.P.C. class was full of great information and detailed instructions that was explained and easily understood. The course, with a combination of classroom and flight simulator, allowed me to put to use immediately what I learned into practice.”

1) A lot attention to detail was placed into putting the class together.
2) Joe was a great instructor and took whatever time we needed to be sure we understood the material.
3) Never once did i feel rushed in any way. . . . .
It was great and personally the class inspired me to practice more than I currently do.

– Joe ColanGelo, Jan 2014 IPC Course

My name is Kevin Teeter and I work for Air Associates. We are a mapping company in Kansas City and we base at New York Jet when we are working the NYC area. I have always had wonderful service when using New York Jet but today Melissa and Jim went above and beyond. My copilot became stranded when she was getting lunch a couple of miles from the airport due to a rental car issue. I asked the Hilton for access to their shuttle or any vehicle but was denied, and instead was offered an expensive cab ride which would arrive in 45 min. (to go 2 miles) I called the FBO and spoke with Melissa explaining my situation. Without hesitating she said she would send over the crew car. In no time at all Jim arrived and was in disbelief of the level of service the hotel was offering.

It is a breath of fresh air to encounter what I consider “normal” human beings, who can not only think rationally, but help people who may be in a tight spot.

I will be relaying this to my company and ensure that we will be basing at New York Jet for all future trips.

Thank you for the amazing service.

– Kevin Teeter, May 2013

My name is Adam Bulatewicz, I flew with you guys on Sunday September 16th. I just wanted to write and express my gratitude for the most amazing experience I have had in a long time. From the moment I walked into the facility to the moment I walked out, I was treated with the utmost respect and was made sure to be shown a good time. Thank you Jim and Martin for a truly amazing experience. I will most definitely be back, and with plenty of more people who will follow.

– Adam Bulatewicz, September 2012

The camaraderie, warmth and friendship at Mid-Island Air Service is the reason it has been my home away from home for over 40 years.

Additionally and most important, MIAS provided priceless supplemental education for my aviation program at North Shore High School exposing over 1500 students to the world of flying. Because of positive experiences many of those students continued their training at Mid Island Air and became pilots and flight instructors. Some went into fields such as air traffic control and a host of other aviation related positions. The help and support from MIAS was vital to the program’s success.

As an FBO, Mid Island Air Service is definitely unsurpassed. Their attention to safety, the upkeep of their planes, their skilled professional instructors and of course, the resulting friendships can’t be beaten.

– Tom Melito, March 2010

To: Larry Camerlin (Angel Flight Northeast)
Subject: NY Jet / Mid Island Air Service

Larry, I wanted to share the commendable service I received from our friends at NY Jet at Long Island Airport (ISP) last night.  On my return trip home after flying two Angel Flight passengers from Teterboro to Boston, I had to divert to ISP after going missed at my below-minimums home base at BDR.

The good folks at NY Jet waived my landing fee,  applied the Angel Flight fuel discount, provided a loaner car and generally made my unscheduled three hour wait in ISP for the fog to lift in BDR (maddeningly only 10 miles from ISP) as pleasant as circumstances allowed.

Given that we’re typically not buying 3,000 pounds of Jet A for an Angel Flight operation through their facility, NY Air’s generosity is admirable and appreciated.

– Len Sherman, June 2009

“If you are going to train on Long Island, then stop by Mid Island Air Service, Inc.
They have a great program and the best instructors.”

– Richard Edelson, March 2009

“Before enrolling in a flight school, I did my homework. As I spoke to people, I discovered that a lot of them took their flight instruction at Mid Island. Everyone I spoke with, had a positive experience. In fact, I never met anyone who had a bad experience at your school. I enrolled expecting the best, and was never disappointed… I received my private pilot certificate yesterday, and I don’t believe I could have, or would ever want to have done it anywhere else … I look forward to moving ahead with you for my instrument training.”

– David Rush, June 2008

“You and your operation are to be complemented on the way you handle business. It is obvious that it’s a family owned organization and that you are interested in the long-term aspects of your business. This is evident by such things as your honesty in explaining the real facts to a prospective student, and follows through to the kindness of your personnel and the housekeeping at your facility. I don’t think you realize that you are at the top of the heap! There are very few flight schools that have their act put together as well as yours.”

– Hal Shevers, founder, Sporty’s Pilot Shop, 2001

“I’m writing to express my gratitude towards my flight instructor, Mr. Joseph Titone. Without Joe’s dedication to flight instruction, I know I would not be the private pilot I am today. He demanded the utmost attention and dedication from me. He set high standards and would not accept anything less. He would demand my best effort on every flight. He always kept to procedures and expected from me to do the same. He always taught my to stay strict with my flying, follow proper procedures and to never fall into bad habits. To this day I’m grateful for how he taught me.”

-Frank Savio, 2003

“What a pleasure it is flying with you… I have flown with Mid Island for 24 years. I have confidence in flying your planes and always feel secure when I take a friend or relative (including my grandsons) for a ride. I praise your instructional staff. I have rented aircraft in California and Florida in the past. No FBO can ever match Mid Island.”

-Leonard Mann, 1993

“After taking lessons at three schools… I was set up with an evaluation flight on the spot. Within my first hour I was on my way to success. I received my private pilot certificate 3 1/2 months later – a real tribute to Mid Island.

-Robert Magniccari, 1999

“I was very impressed with your operation, attitude and professional service. It was a pleasure to finally meet a person who genuinely knows his aircraft and is honest and straight forward about his business. written about Vincent Basile, aircraft salesman.”

– Ed Duber, president United Aero Sales, 1990

“You should be very proud of the people in your organization. I have recently received my Instrument Rating. The help and support I received from everyone at Mid Island was outstanding. No matter how busy anyone was, they always took the time to give a courteous hand or ear.

-Anthony Monaco, 2000



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