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"We steadily improve our processes and procedures in order to make our customers ecstatically happy while maintaining the dignity of our entire family of employees".

AirCraft Sales

Our partner and aircraft salesman, Vince Basile, has specialized in Aircraft Sales for over 30 years. His expertise speaks for itself in the hundreds of single engines, jet aircraft and helicopters, which he has sold. If you are looking to lease or purchase a new or used aircraft, Vince will find the right plane for your needs.


New York Jet is proud to announce that we are the NorthEast Dealer for the Extra 500. Interested in moving up to a turboprop? Shares available. Not a pilot? We can provide pilot services so your executives can attend meetings and be back in the office the same day – no more lost productivity or overnight stays. read more ››

Aircraft Leasebacks

Mid Island Flight School is excited to offer opportunities for aircraft Leaseback. read more ››

Marketing Agreement

Avoid hassles, save time and get your best price - let Vince negotiate the sale of your aircraft.
The peace of mind you will have working with an experienced aircraft salesman is priceless.

Download Marketing Agreement Form >>
Print, sign & return fax to: 631-588-8841

Aircraft Loans

Have you found a plane but require aircraft financing? We can provide aircraft loans.

The Mancuso Group, Inc.    www.themancusogroup.com

Flight Training Loans

If you require financial aid for flight training, visit www.pilotfinance.com


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