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Flight Training Loans


Now you can apply for financing for your flight training. Whether you are a student or working on your upgrade, Pilot Finance, Inc. will help you earn your wings!


Speak with a Mid Island Flight School representative for loan information and to start your flight training.

Pilot Finance, Inc. account allows you the flexibility to structure your training to fit your needs. Use the account to pay for a rating or certificate program, or just to get the additional hours you need to feel safe and comfortable in your aircraft. You can also use your account to pay for aircraft rental, instructor fees, books and supplies. Or anything else to make your training successful, the choice is yours, you control how and where you use your account.



You can begin your life as a pilot, quickly and easily, with no money worries. Pilot Finance offers finance programs that are:

  • AFFORDABLE. You won’t have to come up with a fortune to begin training. You won’t watch your credit card balance climb after each lesson. You won’t have to consider dropping out because the costs are building up.
  • FAST. The entire application and approval process takes just 24 hours. We have streamlined each step. You just apply, sign, and fly!
  • FLEXIBLE. Pilot Finance has created a number of programs to fit your exact needs.
  • NO SURPRISES. Pilot Finance lets you earn the certificate or rating you want, with no financial shocks along the way. Everything is clearly spelled out up front.



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