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Intro Flights and Getting Started


You would like to become a pilot, while exciting, it all seems so complicated.  It doesn’t have to be!  Most people just want to know what they have to do to get started.  Here is a step by step easy to use guide…

Step 1: For $150 you get to fly…isn’t this what it’s all about?

$150 Introductory Flight (Retail value $250) –If you would like a taste of what it’s like to fly an airplane, this 35* minute flight is for you. Our FAA Certified Flight Instructor will guide you through some basic maneuvers in one of our beautiful Bristell Aircraft.  This one-on-one flight lesson will allow you to experience flight, hands-on, from the pilot’s seat. After the flight, our flight training specialist will answer all your flight training questions.  On the day of the flight, your will be presented with a First Flight Certificate.   You will receive a commemorative photo by e-mail.

After this thrilling first flight experience, are you ready to enroll in our school and begin training for your private pilot’s certificate?    Yes?  Then, lets help you get started.

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Not quite ready to commit, then proceed to:

Step 2: Take a few more lessons and you’ll know why we love flying

First Few Hours** – The First Few Hours is actually a three lesson package, including one flight lesson, one flight simulator lesson and a one hour ground lesson. When you complete this next stage of training we are sure that you will be hooked on flying.

Now, we know you’ll be eager to start and we have a special to help you reach your goal:

Step 3: School Enrollment and Three Flight Lessons – you are on your way to becoming a pilot

Cleared For Takeoff** – This four lesson package includes enrollment in our FAA approved flight school, two flight lessons, one flight simulator lesson and a one hour ground lesson. By now you will be highly motivated to continue your flight training and have the proper tools and guidance to do so safely while having more fun than you can imagine.

The Mid Island Family welcomes you to Mid Island Flight School. Congratulations! You will soon join the special 1% of the population who can pilot an airplane. You have come to the right school – We are family owned and operated and have been training safe, confident pilots on Long Island since 1946.

** Prior to the first lesson of these flight training packages, the student must prove US Citizenship by presenting a valid US passport or an original birth certificate (TSA requirement).  Student must have an FAA Class 3 Medical prior to enrolling in any course except for our Sport Pilot Course.

*** When booking a reservation for any of our introductory flights, Guests not holding a prepaid gift certificate are required to provide a credit card to hold the flight reservation. In the event of a no show, or a cancellation less than twenty four (24) hours in advance, there will be a $50.00 cancellation fee charged to your credit card. There will be no charge if we reschedule due to weather or scheduling conflict.

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